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Our soaps and incense at Coastal Elements Soap are created with the rhythm of “Old Florida” using original recipes, blending oils, herbs, and flowers with lots of love and care. No animal products are used and all our essential oils are certified chemical free.

img_6248All our soaps are cold pour soaps, they are hand cut and aged for six weeks. Our soaps and incense are hand wrapped per order to insure you get the very best.

Coastal Elements Soap is a three generation business reflecting a little bit of
the old Florida. A slower pace of life, and taking the time for the simple gifts of life, make our products the very best.

The incense has a burn time of approximately forty-five minutes per stick due to the unique aging process and high quality of oils of Coastal Elements Soap.treat

img_6250Just as the tropical breeze softly brushes your skin and both relaxes and excites your senses, our handmade soaps and incense at Coastal Elements Soap also caress your skin and awaken your senses.

Go ahead and spoil yourself with our lovingly handmade soaps and incense.


 Did you know?

Consider all the various products purchased for improvement of our skin and yet before those products are applied,  in some cases the skin has been washed with a commercial soap!  Not only are commercial soaps harsh on the skin they may also produce skin allergies.

Commercial soaps are filled with synthetic ingredients and harsh detergents.  Chemicals may also be added to enhance the smell, which is why some times the smell is very strong through the packaging.  This soap is made in huge batches which in many cases removes the glycerin.

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Our handmade olive oil soap is made in small batches using the very best oils and herbs.  The naturally occurring glycerin is retained in the soap making it rich and very moisturizing to the skin.  We create our own blends and cure the soap for 6 weeks  the old fashioned way, but well worth the effort.

Feel free to email us with any questions or comments you may have.  Visit the shops that carry our soaps and remember if there is a soap
they do not have just ask them to order it for you.

Lee & Lisa/Zion & Chico