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We are so excited to have our handmade soap and incense in a special new shop called ROOTS of the SUN.  Come say hello to Jake and Destini and enjoy their magical herbal apothecary company with everything to make your life more fun.  Wonderful location: 17 21st Street N., St. Petersburg, Florida 33713 Phone -850-443-2523

Our incense has a burn time of about 45 minutes.  The best way to burn it is straight up.  Fill a vase, pot etc.  with sand place stick in straight up so the ash falls into the pot.  If you need to snuff it out just put the burning end into the sand.

Our products are available at select retail shops in the Tampa Bay Area! Click here to learn how to buy Coastal Elements products!  

Check out our Signature Soap page! We have some wonderful new creations. 

Coastal Elements Soap and Incense is made in St. Petersburg Florida  – support your local businesses.