Signature Soap

Not all soaps listed are in stock at all times. Factors such as curing time, seasonal ingredients, and creative/artistic impulses effect the kind and quantity of soap we have at any given time.

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Key scent in the aroma therapy palette. Lavender buds and poppy seeds to gently massage your skin, relaxing lavender oils with a soft mossy scent of Bay Leaves.  Relax and unwind! Tuck a bar in your linens and drift asleep in lavender clouds.

 Mint Madness 

After a long hot tropical day – or night – refresh your skin and senses with our favorite family of mint and exfoliation bar. Refreshes you with Eucalyptus,Peppermint, and refreshing mint.

  Herb Garden

A great soap for the kitchen as it is a combination of French Herbs creating a very light clean scent.  Also a wonderful soap for people who like almost no scent.


Bring back memories or create new ones! Earthy, musky, exotic, and wonderfully sensual with special exfoliation. This soap is timeless.  Lavender and Patchouli together create a wonderful soft scents.  They bring put the best in each other.


The warm woodsy smells of cedar complimented with a hint of patchouli.  Soft and relaxing,  A bit of Arabian Spice, and Hemp Seed.

 The Classic

A soft, but very sexy masculine fragrance – but watch out women love it too!

Karmic Reflections 

Inhale and enjoy notes of Patchouli, Orange, Lavender, Gardenia and a whiff of fresh pine – to name a few – ahhh!

Florida  Breeze 

The smell of the orange groves  flowers softly   intoxicating your senses. One of our best sellers.

Bay Rum 

Forever popular.  Fresh bay leaves make this soap special.

 Mango Passion

The fruity musky scent of our wonderful Florida Mango with a hint of coconut will stir up your senses like a soft lazy summer day. A real treat!

 18th Century

This is a blend of oils created to resemble the wonderful after shave popular with the men (and alluring to the women) to wear for an evening at the country club. Cybilla, Tobacco, Black Tea, and hints of frut.


Black berry notes, Italian Bergamont  and vanilla to name a few that make this soap special. Cinnamon and cloves.


The smells of the open air spice  markets drifting in the romantic  evening breezes.  Magical


The childish smells of rolling down a hill of grass and wild mint. The  light clean smells of summer.  You can almost see the fire flys.


This is a one of a kind soap.  A blend of different herbs, oils and flowers that we have gathered for different recipes we create.  So just like making soup with all the wonderful leftovers, we create one of a kind soaps.  Enjoy!


The Calendula flowers are a beautiful deep red, orange and gold. They have been used in religious celebrations and were used by the ancient Egyptians for their rejuvenating properties.

Black Tea

The smokey, sexy, tea with hints of Bergamont, balanced with soft woods.

SAGE LEMON GRASS –   The spiritual smell of Sage used by our wonderful American Indians blended with the fresh smell of Lemon grass gives this wonderful soap a clean magical smell.