Signature Incense

Not all incense listed are in stock at all times. Factors such as production time, seasonal ingredients, and creative/artistic impulses effect the kind and quantity of incense we have at any given time.

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The Draco tree is also known as the Dragon Tree.  The red sap of the tree has been regarded for centuries in European legends.  It is used in magical and medicinal purposes.  Amazing! 


Holiday Memories.

 Frankincense and Myrrh

Travel to ancient times. Also has a hint of Lavender.


Very relaxing. Infused with lavender buds.

 Mt. Mist

Like a walk in the woods. Pine, Sandalwood, Vanilla and a hint of magic.

 Nag Champa 

Earthy hint of spice and a touch of flower fragrances.


Bring back the 60’s – over 40 years later it is still a best seller!


Desert white sage – cleansing.


Outdoors anywhere. A blend of sandalwood and other special woods.

Arabian Nights

Wonderful scents of the spice islands.  Breezes of oranges, vanilla, myrrh, caraway and ginger just to name a few.


One of the most sensuous fragrances. Clean scent and sexy.